Here are a few more popular Flask templates and boilerplates to help you kickstart your web application development:

  1. Flask-AppBuilder: A rapid application development framework with an integrated Admin interface, security, and support for popular databases. It offers a flexible, extensible architecture that simplifies the process of building Flask applications. Repository:
  2. Flask-Mega-Tutorial: A comprehensive tutorial project by Miguel Grinberg, with an associated Flask boilerplate template. It covers various Flask concepts, including user authentication, SQLAlchemy, and deploying the app. Repository:
  3. Overholt: A minimal Flask template that demonstrates best practices for structuring a Flask application. It includes a factory pattern, blueprints, SQLAlchemy, and Flask-RESTful. Repository:
  4. Flask-RESTPlus-Server-Example: A template for building RESTful APIs using Flask, Flask-RESTPlus, and SQLAlchemy. This template is a great starting point if you’re focused on building APIs rather than traditional web applications. Repository:
  5. Flaskr: A simple Flask template developed as part of the official Flask tutorial. It’s a minimal blog application that helps beginners understand how to use Flask and build basic applications. Repository:
  6. Quokka: A flexible content management system (CMS) built on top of Flask, MongoDB, and other modern technologies. This template is suitable if you’re looking to create a website or blog with a CMS in Flask. Repository:

These additional templates cater to a variety of needs and use cases, ranging from RESTful APIs to content management systems. Explore them and choose the one that best aligns with your project goals and requirements.